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The show will also star other Los Angeles-based pastors including Bishop Clarence Mc Clendon, Pastor Wayne Chaney, Bishop Ron Gibson, Pastor Jay Haizlip, and gospel singer Deitrick Haddon.For those unfamiliar with Noel Jones, he's the brother of the iconic Grace Jones. Black american men used to think high yella black girls were the SH*T! WHY ISNT THIS FOOL LISA DOING A SHOW WITH A DECENT MAN LIKE MALCOLM. Yall are so mad that Lisa is sexy and looks better than most of you baby mamas and she's 50! I'm glad this show is coming out so everyone can see the coonery that Christianity has become. So, if you want to look for people with which you can date, you are at the right place. I guess he has fell from grace like so many other Mega Church Pastors.According to Always AList.com, Lisa Raye is dating Bishop Noel Jones. Though you'd have a hard time coming across "sightings" of the couple (they're keeping the relationship under tight wraps), it's been revealed that the couple's relationship is one of the storylines of the upcoming Oxygen reality series "Pastors of LA". Plummer Media in association with Relevé Entertainment, reads: "Pastors of L.

Tracee Ellis Ross & Mama Diana Ross Make AMAs History, And The Whole Fam Is There For The Legend» HELLA REAL!On Season One of Preacher’s of LA, there were several “masked” reasons, why Bishop Noel Jones wouldn’t marry Loretta but in Season Two, those reasons seems to slap you in the face and for the love of God, I don’t understand why a woman, as beautiful as Loretta, would SETTLE for being a girlfriend for 16 years but play the role of a wife.Here’s why Bishop Noels Jones won’t marry Loretta, as observed in Season Two: In the episode, “”Truth Be Told,” Bishop Jones and Loretta are invited to dinner with Ron Gibson and Lady Lavette.You can reach her on Twitter @UHeard Me Right, on Facebook at The Sexy Single Mommy or connect with her on Google and Instagram at chocoty. Loretta was explaining to Bishop Jones why she didn’t express her true feelings toward him.I wish Pastor Gibson had kept quiet so she could finish her train of thought. It’s just sad that she is so caught up that she can’t see it for what it is…nothing Reply I had so much respect for Bishop Jones before this show but I believe her when she says she “handles” his confrontations remember him pre-warning her and actually telling her to havdle it if they come at their “friendship”.

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