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but John noted that there was no advantage---the Brant would only trim lower at the stern, produce more wake, burn more gasoline and move no faster.

Wolverhampton is in southern Stafford about 35 km east of Easthope.

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Joseph died of peritonitis and was buried in the Church of England Cemetary in New Westminster on April 17.Colonization of mainland British Columbia had begun only about 1850. His career began as an assistant in a studio on Columbia Street in New Westminster. At age 15 he worked as a bellhop in the Colonial Hotel. and Vincent had an aptitude for work with machinery, similar to that of their father.What an adventure, to arrive in the still mostly primitive British Columbia. In 1897 the three brothers began working at the Automatic Can Company which produced tinned steel cans for food.Elizabeth, seventh among nine children, was born in Belleville, April 25, 1881.She was only thirteen years of age when her father died and had to leave school to work as a domestic servant.

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