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No matter how you cut it, flu vaccines contain toxic amounts of mercury.

So yes, the flu vaccines still DOES contain thimerosal.

If we look at “safe” and “un-safe” levels of mercury, per the FDA, we find this: 2 ppb is the maximum amount of mercury that deems water “safe” for drinking Anything over 200 ppb mercury is considered TOXIC [source – EPA] After doing some math [you can check my math in the article: Vaccine Ingredients – A Comprehensive Guide], we find this: There is up to 300 ppb mercury is in the “thimerosal-free” flu vaccine.

There is 25,000 ppb mercury given in the flu shot containing 25 mcg of thimerosal as a preservative.

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Non-traditional: David Arrick and Heidi Sadowsky, platonic friends for 20 years, are a couple who both wanted children.The claim that there is “no thimerasol” in the flu vaccine is a complete fallacy, which leads to the next myth. First, I would like to point out that pregnant women do not get the flu vaccine containing thimerosal as a preservative.They receive the vaccine falsely claiming to be “thimerosal-free.” It really should be called, “thimerosal decreased, but still overly toxic.” From the above statement, we have people running around thinking it’s safe to not only eat 25 mcg of mercury, but also to inject 25 mcg of thimerosal into their body (thimerosal is 50% mercury).We play every week, so with a boxer’s mentality we’d always be saying “no”.’Murray competed in 19 tournaments last year, involving 75 matches.He is currently in Barcelona training for the Madrid Open.

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