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By the time she reached the eighth grade, all interest in school had been lost and she had made a name for herself locally as prominent kafana singer.

Bajraktarević met her husband, tennis player Radmilo Armenulić, in 1959 when she was singing at the Grand Casino in Belgrade.

There, she entered the professional world of showbiz. He couldn't find a job, and was broke with no way to pay his fare back home. She brought him to her performance, even handing her microphone over to him at one point.

On a cold night in Leskovac in spring 1958, Silvana was taking walk through a park before a performance at the garden of a restaurant called Hisar in a hotel, when she saw a young man sleeping on a bench. She approached him, woke him up, sat down and started a conversation. She begged the manager of the hotel to help Toma find a job.

If you really want to be a singer, go." In 1947, she was enrolled into elementary school, where she learned to play the mandolin, which was a gift from her parents.

After her father's cake shop closed, the family suffered greatly.

Delighted with her voice, he wanted to make her part of his orchestra, but the girl was underage and needed her parents permission.

Of course, they gave consent and Šerbo promised her that she would have food, a place to stay and a salary of 20,000 dinars monthly. He told her he was from a village, and had come to the city looking for a job.

Bajraktarević began singing at an early age and she would later say that she got her voice from her father, a bohemian.

As a child, she would sing to him while sitting in his lap.

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