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We have apartments situated 5 mins walk from the hotel.It’s fully air-conditioned for the summer and heated for the winter months.​Criteria:​ ​Excellent appearance, sociable​, motivated, ​energetic as dealing with both children and adults with sporting activities, ​etc.​​ Speaking German or ​Polish is ​preferred but not required.​ ​Hours: Split shifts, 6 days per week.​ Salary: ​600.00​ - 800.00 Euros per month depending on experience, languages, etc.​Nationality o​f staff​ ​required / Languages​ ​Required:​ ​​German ​or​ Polish​ ​Speaker​ preferred however as long as you speak English and have a​ ​​British/​EU passport​ your application will be considered.​ Start Date:​ ​​​April.​ Length of contract:​ ​​Seasonal.These activities are shared out between the children’s entertainers. e.g.: for the duties in the day you would be responsible with all the other kids’ entertainers for them. We have our hotel mascots which we parade around the hotel at various times; this is a 10/15min duty which again is shared between all the entertainers.

​Candidates should have a ​bubbly ​personality and the ability to follow instructions​.​ ​ Languages Required: German /​ Russian ​/​ French.100 euros bonus per month worked if full season is completed.Nationality of staff ​Required:​ ​EU Passport holders only.​ Length of contract: ​5/6 months - Seasonal​ - Can start later and finish earlier if required.​ Work Permits: Not available as unfortunately the government make it very difficult to obtain.Must be able to communicate in English​ also.​ Hours: ​N​o more than 8 working hours per day, could be on a split shift basis, 2 days off per week​.​ Salary Per Month: 750.00 ​Euros per month, ​gross​.​ ​ Nationality of staff required: ​Unfortunately we do not support work permits.​​All staff must have relevant papers to work within the EU​.​ ​ Start Date: 1st March ​or​ 14th March​.​ ​ Length of contract: March to October.​ Package Offered: ​Living Arrangements - We provide all accommodation for our entertainers.

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