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We believed it when “they” told us that getting public recognition would bring fulfillment, and yet we never even saw one living example of it.In these intervening years, through exploring authentic Judaism, I’ve had the chance to discover a fact of life that was never disclosed to me before. It’s still very hard for me to accept that thoroughly, however.It will take a long time for me to adjust to this view of life, completely topsy-turvy to the one I’d been indoctrinated to hold up until then.In a sense, though, I think this topsy-turvy view of what really matters in life can be considered a truly feminist way of thinking.

Who was telling us that success in the public arena would make us happy?

I had just six weeks of vacation until my second year of medical school would begin.

I was coming in search of something that was missing in life, and I knew that this was the last stop I was going to make before resigning myself completely to the cynical, de-sensitized way of life I was finally getting used to.

We had dismissed Judaism early on, as being unable to provide any solutions to the problems that were important to us.

The graduation ceremonies from Judaism were held at gaudy Bar Mitzva receptions.

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