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Agents make 15% of what the author makes — so for a poem, or a short story or article or essay, it’s simply not cost-effective for a literary agent to handle that kind of work.(Before someone chimes in to say that they heard that Famous Author’s agent handles his poetry or short stories, this can be true…for Famous Author.

I’m presuming that you’ve asked a couple of writer friends to beta-read the book, and then used their feedback to improve the book even more.

If your novel is fantasy, for example, and has a half-elf as a protagonist, and it is set in the modern world, that would fall under the sub-category we call “urban fantasy.” In science fiction there are sub-genres, too, such as alternate history, military science fiction, post-apocalyptic science fiction, etc.

Sub-genres exist in mysteries and romance novels, as well.

Publishers publish more non-fiction than fiction, and I know of some non-fiction authors who did fine submitting their work un-agented, even to big NY commercial publishers.

When in doubt, read publisher guidelines and research books that fall into the same category as yours.

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