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But what is he suppose to do when he falls in love with the enemy? ) -A Universe Alteration (if you will) of the TC Sickness AU, wherein Ty does not die.-It was an absolute miracle that they'd been able to rescue Ty. Keep all that blood and holy water a secret and pray to that nonexistent God that the war is over. After Mitch gets dumped by his girlfriend, Jerome shows up at his house and practically forces Mitch to get in his car and go on vacation with him to take the pain off of his mind. AU A series of extremely short parts depicting a simple day inside King Woofless' castle and Kingdom.-a challenge i set myself to write a part on a scenario somewhere in the universe at a given time. He sees no light at the end of the tunnel and the walls are closing in, but can seven orphans teach him that he doesn't need to be engaged in a neglectful relationship to feel loved? But Adam cuts off Ty's hair, and when they switch back, things fall apart for everybody, especially for Ty.(Co-written with Boyishly Dog Sled on Tumblr!! Don't let them strip your skin, don't let them burn you, never scream. Seto is barely keeping his head above water in a world ruled by prejudice and loneliness.He lost his funny attitude and convinced ASFJerome to do the same. I know I'm going to get a lot of 8-12 year old trolls posting "In Benja we Trust" or some other catchphrase on here but whatever I don't care I'm posting it anyways. How did his channel go from top notch gaming to exclusively minecraft (Don't get me wrong I like Minecraft but variety is important.) And why did his humor change and become so badly self-censored.As far as I know he had no reason to other than annoying comments saying "OMGGGEEE! " Posted by people who aren't old enough to own a You Tube account.In the most of his videos he says about his preferences in food and dranks, the internet, tv shows, video games, dubstep and hip-hop including his most known phrase slap dat like button withchya forehead! His server was called The Fridge that was later combined with Pet Za Hut 's server called The Hut and now it's called The Nexus.

Yeah, I know nobody really follows that rule but still, you can't complain about somebody's videos being "Child Un-friendly" because You Tube is a Child Un-friendly site. Adam and Ty, everyone else, they all found it to be fun. Seto is a normal person (Still a youtuber) with a small group of friends. ) Brice walked down the street slowly stopping as he saw a boy walking toward him. Brice kidnaps people and then kills them after doing Things to them.Mitch and Jerome grew their channels together until Pax East in 2012 where they met Sky and Ty.The group hit it of and eventually Mitch and Jerome were invited to join Team Crafted in mid-2013.

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