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Dear My Friends, For the past few years I've been a shadow. I can never EVER repay you for all you’ve taught me and given me throughout what I have lived of my life. I’m sorry that I didn’t realize how hard your life really is.

She told me to bring it to school to give to her so i did and i gave it to her.

While I realize the limited scope of your program, I don't believe my daughter is completely wrong in her analysis.

While I think we can all agree that kindness is a positive virtue, she felt that--by limiting your message to girls--it was reinforcing societal modeling that the most important thing was to be a "good girl" who passively accepts the status quo and shies away from confrontation.

I hope you are doing better and can grow from this chapter in your life.

I'm sorry for all the times I cried myself to sleep.

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